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Enter Franco Cavaleri, the audacious biomedical scientist and visionary entrepreneur spearheading Biologic Pharmamedical Research. This dynamic company is on a mission to revolutionize the health care landscape by bridging the chasm between nutraceutical and pharmaceutical health care.

Best Seller

Potential Within

A guide to nutritional empowerment

Potential Within is a book that emphasizes the importance of taking care of your body and health in a natural way, without relying on pharmaceutical medicine as a primary treatment unless absolutely required. The book provides a clear and comprehensive guide to achieving optimal health, cutting through the confusing and often contradictory information that is prevalent in the health and wellness marketplace. With the strategies outlined in Ageless Performance, readers can unlock their full potential and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. This book offers a valuable resource for anyone looking to take control of their health and well-being in a natural and sustainable way.

CEO, Biomedical Researcher, Author, Inventor & IFBB Bodybuilding Champion

Franco Cavaleri’s influence stretches far beyond his achievements in biomedical research; he is a pioneering entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the natural health products industry. After establishing himself in the scientific community, he took his expertise into the business realm, founding two companies that have become leaders in the Natural Health Products (NHP) sector. His adeptness at identifying potential in alternative remedies and skillfully navigating the complexities of the business world highlights his unique profile as a visionary in health and wellness.

Cavaleri is also an accomplished inventor, holding multiple patents on anti-inflammatory treatments and innovations designed to enhance athletic performance. His ability to merge academic rigor with practical health solutions and entrepreneurial insight showcases the broad impact of nutraceuticals in contemporary medicine. Through his work, Cavaleri demonstrates the promising future of healthcare, where natural solutions and innovation come together to offer new paths for treatment and wellness.

Biologic Pharmamedical Research

Founded & Lead by Franco as the CEO & Lead Investigator

Franco is the Founder & CEO of and Lead Investigator at, a biomedical laboratory involved in the research and development of nutrient- and nutraceutical-based technologies using pharmaceutical or medical research models to help define how they interact and modulate cell signaling and behavior; he’s a best-selling author of health, wellness, and fitness books and has published countless scientific articles accessible through Pubmed and other online medical and scientific journal resources.  Franco has generated scientific discovery in the biomedical field through his experimental medicine research now published in the literature.



Upon your own skills, knowledge base, and character in perpetuity is to hone your God-given gift with which you are expected to contribute in small but additive ways to the improvement and advancement of humanity.

To persist

With discovery within and outside yourself and to apply these findings to serve the community one person at a time is an obligation we each must take seriously in hopes of making a positive impact on mankind globally.

To succeed

we need a strong and meaningful platform that drives us with purpose.  Based on this personal philosophy rises BIOLOGIC PharmaMedical, a biomedical research organization designed at this next stage of my life to serve as the mechanism for contribution.

Get well, Stay well, Be well!